Modern, Simple and Beautiful. These are the concepts upon which MollenOS is built. 

For the developer, its a modern operating system that is built with a simple API in mind. MollenOS has a C and C++ runtime, and will support its own programming language, to enable developers to easily build graphical applications.

For the end user, the focus is on simplicty and elegance. The philosophy is to confront the user with as little technical challenges as possible. 

How it started

The project was initiated already back in 2011 as a hobby project meant for learning how operating systems worked, and its role between hardware and applications. Due to this development was slow. Back in 2015 due to increased interest in the operating systems field and more spare-time in my life, I picked up the phase of development, and from which it has been my priority to do.

Current progress

Progress so far is that the kernel has succesfully been converted to a hybrid micro-kernel. Drivers have all been fitted to the new driver framework and are compiling. The new toolchain has also been taken into use (llvm/clang/lld) and i am currently working on a native port of said toolchain. The focus for 2018 will be the userspace, and stability/robustness of the operating system. No new features are planned for the OS, and no new drivers unless I should reach a point where they are highly required.

Userspace libraries in progress

  • None at moment, work on the window manager is in progress

Userspace libraries planned for 2018

  • clang
  • tbd (rest will be announced as we go)

Getting started

On this page you can find information about getting started with downloading, installing and using MollenOS. 


Here you can find the list of releases of MollenOS, alongside SDK (Software Development Kit) and the DDK (Driver Development Kit) to get you started both using the operating system, but also get you started developing applications.


  • We are working hard on the first release of MollenOS! Stay Tuned!

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • TBA

Driver Development Kit (DDK)

  • TBA




Want to join the development of the operating system?

Building an operating system and its environment is a huge task, for long I’ve worked on this project alone, but would gladly accept help from developers, designers and if you feel like you can contribute to the project. Feel free to contact me at the_meulengracht@hotmail.com

Want to support our journey?

We work very hard on the project in our spare-time, and our goal is becoming self-financed, but untill then you can support our development by buying us a cup of coffee, or something to eat. All donations are appreciated!

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Business/Support inquires?

For any support, feedback or business inquires contact me at the_meulengracht@hotmail.com