Release 0.5-dev (Sapphire)

Release 0.5-dev (Sapphire)

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”

So we finally did it! The first official release of Vali (mollenos). The release encompasses a few years of hard development, a couple of rewrites and so many fixed issues. In short this is a personal accomplishment for me, and I’m so proud of being able to release this.

What this is not. This release won’t blow you away, and it won’t be really usefull. This is still something I have to accomplish, but this release is the foundation for being the next great thing.

What this is, is the first (of hopefully many) pre*1000 alpha test version, it is a small taste of what is yet to come. This release is a proof that I have what it takes to finish this, and it is the start of something great.

Who should download this, the developer, the technology enthusiast, the reviewer and the critic. This is not intended for casual use, and the average person should not download this. This is a developer release which isn’t meant for normal usage.


  • Supported platforms: i386, amd64*
  • Included drivers for X86 platform: pic, apic, cmos, rtc, pit, ps2 keyboard and mouse
  • Included drivers for generic platforms: ahci, ohci, ehci, uhci, hpet, acpi, usb-msd, usb-hid
  • Included filesystem support: mfs
  • Graphical Frontend
  • Terminal Implementation (Alumni)
  • Programming environments: C/C++

Important Changes

  • None for the initial release
PlatformDownloadSDK Download
i386Virtual disk image (.vmdk)
Raw Image (.img)

*Removed due to a crash in 64 bit mode, this has been fixed upstream and will be included for release 0.6

What can you do in this release?

You can play around in the terminal, and you can check out the layout of the application finder. Currently you can spawn two different applications through shortcuts.

F1 – Terminal

F2 – Window test application that runs for 15 seconds then shuts down, changing colors as it goes.

ALT+F – Application finder (You can type, and close it with escape)

Release Contents

The release contains the operating system, a bunch of command line tools, a C/C++ environment for creating applications and a default terminal. This might not sound like a lot, but this is enough for the foundation of this new era operating system.

Want to get involved?

Don’t hesitate to either get started by contacting me, joining our subreddit (/r/mollenos) or fork the project on github! There are so many things to do, and not enough manpower, so we need every hands on deck we can get. Help us make the next best operating system out there!

Philip Meulengracht

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