Getting started

Getting started

On this page you can find information about getting started with downloading, installing and using MollenOS. 


Here you can find the list of releases of MollenOS, alongside SDK (Software Development Kit) and the DDK (Driver Development Kit) to get you started both using the operating system, but also get you started developing applications.

The images contain all software neccessary for running a desktop environment, and the terminal (for now) is the only included interactive software.



The operating system does not support on disk install yet, this has yet to be done. However you can create a virtual machine for running the operating system.

Currently the operating system has been tested on Bochs, VirtualBox and VMware, so these should run without any problem for you. The supported storage configurations are both when images are attached as an USB or Harddisk image. The harddisk image is recommended due to speed.

Currently SMP support has been disabled due to stability improvements that are in progress, so we can ensure performance and robustness. Therefore your virtual machine configuration should not be set to more than 1 core, even if its set higher the operating system is configured to not utilize them untill next release.